I Will Die a Happy Man

It is only a slight exaggeration to claim that for 20 years I have wanted to produce decent looking mathematics on Web pages and that I wanted to build interactive animated instructional material on Web pages. Finally I have been able to do both and have produced a small demo program http://www.drdelmath.com/sketch_parabola/index.html

This demonstration program is little more than “proof of concept”, but it does not take much imagination to realize that with the six or seven languages/tools I used it is now possible to make mathematics come alive. Instruction can now move away from static boring textbooks and can truly involve the student in the study of mathematics as an engaging subject filled with motion.

As I look at this simple demo program I am proud of my work and somewhat surprised that I was finally able to pull it off. However, I also visualize several, maybe many, additional desirable features which should be added in an attempt to improve its educational value. I hope to add some of these features as time permits.

Caveat: This demo is best viewed with a browser other that Internet Explorer. I do provide a reasonable “fallback” action if you use IE10 or IE11, but your experience will be less than satisfying. I use a type of SVG animation which Microsoft in essence says is not necessary and will not support it in their browsers. As far as I know all other browsers support that aminamtion technique.

I would certainly like to hear any comments you have. Tell me about any errors, suggestions for improvement, possible additions, other kinds of action, etc.


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